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  • Your Profile

With a click on your profile image,you reach your profile.Your profile fulfils several features.On one hand,you can inform the other players of something abou yourself and on the other hand you find many menus and information to your character here.

The single menu points and features are explained exactly in the following:

  • Edit Profile

You can tell other players more about yourself, e.g: your birthday,whether you are a male or a female,in which town/country do you live ,your real name ,or your hobbies.But we advise not to enter too much personal information like your telephone number or exact address.

Under your profile image,it is possible to select a profile image-also called avatar- from your hard disk.All players who click in your profile see this image.In addition,it appears in the forum beside your image.If you don't select one you'll have a commun avatar….a travians head.

See also: Preferences and Achievements

  • Skills and Attributes

As soon as you have climbed an experience level, you receive a skill point and two attribute points with which you can improve your character.
With skill points you increase either your occupational level or fight ability. - Every point for your occupational level improves your commodity yield, or your production of goods. Moreover, tools often require a certain occupational level. The fight abilities are divided into attack and defence and are not arbitrarily increasable immediately. Conditions are the basic skills in "sword fight" and "defence" which can be trained for in the arena in exchange for money. In addition, you often need another fight ability as a condition at a certain level. You see the exact conditions, as soon as you move the cursor over fight ability. -With the attribute points, you increase your attributes strength, skill, constitution and resistance strength. This affects your fighting power and defensive strength in the arena. How exactly, you can see in the field on the right beside the attributes. Many objects at the armsmaker or armorer have attribute levels as a condition before you are able to wear them.

  • Blog

Blog is the abbreviation for weblog, a sort of diary on the Internet. In a blog you can write something towards the game or to your everyday life. Maybe post news - or to whatever you feel. It is only important that you do not publish texts, conflicting with national policy and public morals or the T&C of the Travian Games GmbH. Before you post a text, you can mark whether it should be visible for everybody (public) or only for your friends (for friends).

  • Game Statistics

The game statistics points out, which mini-game you have already won and have lost how many times. The ELO system is an objective evaluation system, which allows the game strength to be described by an evaluation number (briefly called ELO number). Everybody starts with zero ELO. In a victory one receives the ELO of the opponent. The higher the ELO value the better the player is.

  • Diary

In your diary you find an overview and summary of your quests. Fulfilled quests are highlighted with a green hook, open quests with a yellow gearwheel. In addition, you will find out if no quest is available.

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