9. Civic Duty

DAY 3: The complaint

When you are three days old, you'll recieve a message from Tombo, telling you that someone has made a complaint about you.

1. Go and talk to Tombo. He doesn't want to tell you who has complained about you. First he wants you to bring him some resources and then he admits it: Senkel, the barkeeper at the tavern, has complained about you.
2. Go and talk to Senkel. He will tell you that your warehouse looks pretty much run down und that you need to upgrade it. If you keep nagging him, he will give you some resources to support you.
3. You need 8 resources of each kind to upgrade your warehouse. Once you've got these, click on the warehouse (it's located in the village, left of the mill) and choose "Upgrade to level 1"
4. Go back to Senkel - he will reward you with an "overpriced junk food".
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