16. Herb Quest

Once again your travel pig shows its unfailing skill to sniff things, this time herbs (north of the guild area). Could it indeed be that Matricia is back? But who is this Matricia anyway?

1. You will find Matricia, if you take the pathway going north from the arena and then turn right (attention: the junction is somewhat hidden by trees!). It'll take you to a house resembling a big tree stump.

2. Wait untill your pig schwein.gif and Matricia matricialstand.gif have duly greeted each other, then talk to her. Matricia turns out to be a witch, capable of brewing you potions from herbs.

3. Go to the entrance to the guild houses (west of the market and north of the guild area) where you can now pick herbs. To pick a herb costs 1 AP. Once you've collected some take them back to Matricia.

4. She will turn the herbs a potion for you and if you're wearing a belt you can use these potions while fighting.

5. From now on it's always possible to pick fresh herbs and get them turned in to potions by Matricia.

For more information about herbs & potions, Click Here

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