1. Sociability Test

I. Uncle Horatio (quests: 1.Win the villagers' confidence, 2.Sociability test, 3.Uncle is hungry, 4.Cash for goods)

Talk to your uncle until he recognizes you and tells you that the house is yours now. You should follow this conversation with attention, because it's your first introduction to the storyline of the game. If you talk about everything with your uncle, he will assign you your first tasks:

1. The first task is to harvest one of each of the resources surrounding you: dig clay, chop wood, harvest grain and mine ore. Once you've got one resource of each kind, talk to your uncle again.

2. Next he tells you to go and greet Tombo and tell him about the thing with the sheep, to enter the village. Tombo is the village guard who carries a long spear in his right hand, and you can see him in the lower-right corner of the screen. So, get going and talk to him!
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