The Bears Unleashed

Tonkarius warns us that 13 bears are hovering around in our world. Luckily he knows who will defeat them….. Yes! Of course that means us ….
After a little chat with Tonkarius he waives off one of them. We are to defeat 12 bears and Tonkarius will bother himself with the 13th.
The bears are really strong. We need some help badly. Eulalie has a good tip. She tells us about the Honeysabre. She wont tell us more before we gather all the flotsam for her. We traipse around the whole beach from north to south and find the following things:
Right next to Eulalie: A banana
Two palm trees further in the south: A log book
At the level of the tavern: A fish hook
A bit further to the west we find a wooden leg.
A bit south of the jetty we find an eye patch.
Then we find a shred of a sail.
And last but not least a plank


With the flotsam in our bag we return to Eulalie who tells us something about a pirate. For more information we have to ask a seer.
So let's go to BW. He tells us that the sabre lies in the soil under a house that had been hit by a stone. That surely means Lorena's old house. Now the question is how to remove the stone?
We talk to Lorena (She still stands in front of the temple in the forbidden area.) and she gives us nitroglycerin. That should solve the problem.
We dig a bit in the whole the nitroglycerin caused and find the honeysabre. Finally the bearhunting can start!!!
13 bears are hiding in the world of Travians. And since this is a walkthrough… erm… I guess I should tell you where to find those bears :
1. Near our own house between the mine and the tree for chopping wood.
2. Near the tavern south of the arena (where Karamix used to hang around).
3. Near the mill in the south.
4. At the entrance to Gaul.
5. In the very south of Gaul in the violet field.
6. Near the eastern border fence of Gaul when we go from the Gaulish camp to the east.
7. Near the southern brick factory (From time to time a npc fighter lingers around here )
8. Near the southern carpenter's workshop (the circular path near Livius's house).
9. After entering the Roman camp we turn into the direction of the lake and follow the path to the end.
10. West of the tavern in the Roman area (hidden behind a palm tree)
11. Near Lorena's old house.
12. At the entrance of the glacial valley in the Teuton area (in the very north east)
13. On the way to the Teuton army camp.
The 13th bear vanishes automatically after we killed the twelfth bear. Tonkarius gives us one gold for each of the bears we killed. (You surely understand that this means that we have to talk to Tonkarius after defeating the bears )

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