Thieving Scum

Today you're ready to move away the debris south of the market, that has been blocking your way all this time. You will need 10 OP and the hard work will earn you 20 clay and 20 ore.

Follow the newly opened way and you will encounter Tonk.

Now you will meet the robbers, who stole Pilou's goods.


1. If you turn left from Tonk and walk south, you will find another tavern, in which the first of the two robbers will be. After defeating him you will get the first half of the loot.


2. The second robber and the second half of the loot can be found in the tavern east of the arena (go right from the arena and cross the little river to walk the path up north).

Sentinel is back and he won't let us get to Pilou!


1. After successfully retrieving the loot from the robbers you want to go and see Pilou to give it back to him and proove his innocence, but you can't get past the sentinel. He will always demand one more coin than you have in your pocket.

2. Speak to Matricia about that and she will tell you about frogdust.

3. If you give her one diamond, she will have some for you.

4. Speak to her about Tonk as well, and you will learn that violets are the only thing that can calm him down.

5. Go back to the sentinel, use the frogdust out of your inventory and you can pass. Give the loot back to Pilou. He won't be set free the same day - he tells you this could take some days.

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