14. Weapon Smith's Children

DAY 13:
I. The children of Karamix

Karamix has a big problem, maybe we should help him?

1. He tells us his children have been kidnapped, so we generously offer him to rescue them. Your pig already has a hot trail and leads us to a small hut.
(The hut can be found by following the road going south from the blackjack-player)

2. Inside the hut we can see 2 robbers ruber1.gifruber2.gif and the children feline.gifbambix.gif. You have to defeat both of the robbers.

3. We then can return to Karamix, who will gratefully give us his axe, the Chop-o-matic. inventorykaramixaxe.gif

II. The beech

Now we can do something about the beech at the arena.

4. With the Chop-o-matic we can chop down the beech near the arena. Just click on it, you will start to chop it.

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