2. Win The Villagers Confidence

Your next quest you will be told to go and speak to Tombo and remind him of the thing about the sheep… Tombo is the village guard (a very greedy one) and you can see him in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Before you speak to Tombo there is a signpost on the way to him, click on this it will give you some great places for information about the game. Next you speak to Tombo who tells you that in order to get into the village you need to either bring him 10 of a single resource (e.g wood) or make a friend (tip… don't give away your resources if you don't have to these could earn you money which you will need later on. Click on the tavern chat room or the town hall chat room and try to make yourself a friend if your finding it hard, then go into support and ask there, there is always someone who will help)!! Once you have either given resources or found a friend Tombo will let you into the village.
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