Ravin Lunatics R L

Guild Info:

We are a varied crew of players having fun with our Avatars. Recruiting is limited at this time. Contact one of the leader board for a chance to join. We will take you in on a temporary basis, requirements are that you have to be active and willing to donate. There is no point in having a guild if you do not donate and try to make it better constantly.

Highest guild ranking:#11

Any other guild that would like to be allies can trust you have nothing to fear from us if you have bathers or hosts in your guild and I would hope we have nothing to fear from you either. We are active and work very hard for any artifacts we get as we have always made our own and are here for fun as well as most of the players in the game. If you would like to add TASK to your allies area feel free as we are not planning an attack on anyone any time soon. Thank you


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