Jolaisus found something quite interesting in your uncles legacy, that we definitely should have a look at.

Jolaisus's Letter

1. Asking Jolaisus about the legacy reveals something about a password.
Tombo, Matricia and Jolaisus each know one word.
With the complete sentence we should then go to the ruins.

Chat with Jolasius

2. Jolaisus will tell you the word, after you harvest grain 5 times.
Matricia wants us to mine ore 5 times and Tombo likes to see us dig clay (of course) 5 times.
Watch out! They dont want the materials, they want to see you work 5 times!

3. As soon as the work is done, we should go and tell the person who requested it.
The word from Jolaisus is: DECIPI
The word from Matricia is: MUNDUS
The word from Tombo is: VULT

4. Walk to the ruin and say the password: MUNDUS VULT DECIPI

5. Now you can go into the ruins and find the ghost of your uncle Horatio.
Talk to him about everything you can.

6. Search inside the ruins:
At the black stone between the vases, left of Horatios ghost, you will find 5 gold.
In the middle one of the 3 vases you will find a take away junk food.
At the cobweb in the right corner you will find an item of armory.

7. Thats all, uncle Horatios ghost has now disappeared.

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