Your Surroundings:

Outside your house is a lot to discover. Thus you find directly around your house the commodities you can collect. A path situated to the south leads into the village, from there to the arena, to the guild area and later to other exciting places in the game scenery.


In the beginning of each generation you have to choose between the following occupations: Farmer (grain), lumberjack (wood), clay digger (clay) or miner (ore).

In the later course of the game you may choose between brick maker (bricks), carpenter (boards), miller (flour), charcoal burner (coal), smith (iron) or baker (bread).

Tip: In this game there is no "better" or "worse" occupation. All occupations are required in the same measure and achieve a similar profit margin. Hence rest assured you can choose your career according to your own images and wishes.

If you are dissatisfied with your choice of career, you will receive the possibility to change your occupation at a later time in the game(after finish generation). Furthermore, you can change your occupation any time by paying 30 diamonds.

Tip: Remember with every new career you also need a new tool.



Secondary - 1

Secondary - 2

In total there are 10 different resources; 4 primary resources and 6 secondary resources.
Subsequent resources are produced by subsequent treatment of other resources. An occupation is assigned to every raw material of resource.

These resources can be collected with a click on the suitable field in the scenery. To do so, you need enough occupation-points

Subsequent resources need other raw material in earlier stages. Subsequent resources are: bricks (brick makers), wooden boards (carpenter), flour (miller), bread (baker), coal (charcoal burner) and iron (iron founder).

The production relation always remains 1:1, even if one reaches a higher level or uses tools. So, if you produce 10 irons at once, you also use 10 coals and 10 ores. You should care to have always enough basic resources for the subsequent treatment.

Attention: Although miller is a subsequent occupation, flour counts with the removal and building of guild buildings as a primary raw material. This is not quite logical, but therefore there are 5 primary resources and 5 subsequent resources.

The working processes are:

~Clay»Bricks (Clay digging, burning bricks)
~Wood»Boards (Chop trees, carpentry work to produce boards)
~Wood»Charcoal (Chop trees, burn charcoal)
~Grain»Flour»Bread (Harvest grain, grind flour, bake bread)
~Iron» (Mine ore, burn charcoal, cast iron)

To work, you need occupation points. With tools, it is possible to use more than one OP in a work operation, and to raise the production accordingly. From every spent occupation point, you receive an action point. You need those, e.g., for minigames and dish washing (in the tavern), for the fight (in the arena) or for reading (in the library of the guild.)

Out of Town Working Locations:

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