Salt And Youth

Lorena is writing to us. She wants to hand over the robbers hat and awaits us in Pilou's old house.

Lorena reports that it was decided that the pupils are to be eliminated.
Just as in the last generation it is BW who has the good tips. He wants 5 phials full of water for his brothers and one "for the senses" filled with water of a fountain of youth from the Teuton Area.

And wow, the border north of the swamp that leads to the area of the Teutons is finally passable. When we follow a bit of the path we soon meet Lumpik who offers us to buy some water from the fountain of youth. For a beginning we take just one bottle for 50 silver.

As soon as we bought the bottle of water we have to realize that Lumpik is a swindler. Unfortunately he wont let us pass either.

When we visit Tombo we see that the druid turned into a pillar of salt. So the druid finally got what he deserved. We ask Tombo whether we are permitted to chop off a piece of the druid. And yes, we are.

With the salt in our bag we return to Lumpik. We trow the salt into the lake right of his house. The lake turns green and Lumpik the little sissy starts to cry and we can pass.

We follow the path to the east until we reach a new express cave. There we turn to the south.

Shaurik the guard of the fountain of youth lets us pass without any problems. He even offers us some phials. With another click on the fountain we fill 6 phials with it's water.
With the phials we go to the forbidden area. The pupils still stand at the little lake where we last saw them (in Gen2). One click on the phials (in our inventory) makes the pupils drink the water. That makes them "come to their senses"
All of them disappear. We find them in Lorena's home where BW takes care of them.
A last little talk with Tonkarius will provide us with one gold and the quest is finished.
There is one little thing tho, Tonkarius does not stay in his usual spot. You will have to enter his palace and look for him there.

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