Senkel And The Amulet

Senkel has a huge problem with his piece of the amulet. He has lots of guests but his till is not ringing as much as he expected.

And yeah, the tavern is really crowded. But he seems to have found the amulet's piece of love, since there are nearly exclusively women in the tavern that flirt with Senkel.
When we want some information Matricia is the best person to ask. She has some advice for us. We need to find a woman who truly loves Senkel. Also, she needs to do something that impresses Senkel.

No problem to find the right lady. Unfortunately Isolde don't want to try her luck because she's worried about not standing out from the crowd.
A little chat to Senkel and we learn that he owes a huge amount of taxes to the office.
To pay those taxes would be an impressive action indeed, but Isolde has not enough money to pay it. Since we are so good at heart we pay for her.

Isolde gives us a wig which we wear when we enter the tax office. The officer tells us how much Senkel is owing: 1 gold and 10 units of every resource.
When we pay Senkel's taxes we get a receipt. (Of course we give it to Isolde)
Isolde promises to go to Senkel. Again we don't want to miss the event so we hurry to get to the tavern.

Isolde and Senkel are talking to each other and at the end of their conversation Senkel agrees to give us the piece of the amulet.
After a short talk to Matricia this quest is finished.

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