Senkel's Fishing Rod

Senkel wants to relax a bit. Unfortunately he cannot find his fishing-rod. He tells us more when we visit him.

He believes that Stan borrowed it. When we could bring him his fishing-rod back he would give us shoes in return.

Stan is the inn-keeper of the tavern in Gaul. When we arrive there we ask him for the rod. He is too busy to get the fishing rod himself but offers us something: If we managed to return the fishing-rod within 15 minutes he'd give us a complete (gaming) level. notice: you need to talk to stan again after the countdown started!!!

He gives us a hint: we should start with our search at the tavern near the German camp. That's the tavern north of the swamp.
He sends us to the tavern near the Gallic border. That's the tavern near the second mill.
From there we are send to the tavern at the Roman border. That's the tavern near Livius' house.
Unfortunately this inn-keeper gave the fishing-rod to the inn-keeper of the tavern near Karamix' house.

When we arrive at this tavern we get the fishing-rod.
Back to Stan where we are given the level up (as long as we returned in time)
Last way for today: we return to Senkel to give him his beloved fishing-rod back, in return we get the promised boots

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