Shali S Guide To Baths

I HAVE WRITTEN THIS GUIDE OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE GREAT JOB BATH HOSTS DO, and to help new players quickly understand the rules of community action bath bonus rounds.


If you want to get LOTS more FREE SP (social points bonus) every day then join BATH CA bonus rounds.

Every hour (UK server time) between ..30 and ..45 mins past there is a bonus Social Points round. This can earn you between 100 to 500 sp, five times per 24 hours.

Join the chat room "Bath" by ..10 mins past and wait for a Bath host to advertise Bath CA at their house.

It usually reads something like " **playername** Bath CA at my house. READ MY PROFILE (bath hosts), join house chat and wait for invite OR **Send me friend request**

TO JOIN HOUSE CHAT AND ASK FOR INVITE : Click that name and then click "Enter House". You will see a screen pop-up hint that says "going to house". Click their name again and click their profile to read their rules for the bath. When you arrive, look to the top of the screen to see a white speech bubble and click it. This is above the green thumbs up sign. The HOUSE CHAT window will open. This is where you say Hello **Playername**, invite please. If you are accepted, you will see a notification report in your message inbox. You will need to go to your own friend list and accept the bath host as a friend before you can bath.

**NOTE** Some hosts have a locked house until you either get accepted as a friend, or you accept their friend invite.

TO SEND FRIEND REQUEST: Click the host’s name, then click “Friendship Tree”. Then click “Send Friendship Request”

You should see a report notification appear at the bottom of your screen, that reads playername has accepted you friend request. Click the host name again, and click enter house. You can then look for a space in a bath.
Move your mouse over each bath until you see "bathe" and click it. Your travian will then get in.

At 30.. past the hour, hit F5 on your keyboard and you should see a yellow sponge appear above your head. DO NOT CLICK IT UNTIL THE HOST TELLS YOU TO.

Make sure you are in house chat at host house, and wait for the host’s instructions and countdown.

They will countdown to zero, and then everyone clicks their yellow sponge. DO NOT SPEAK IN HOUSE CHAT DURING THIS COUNTDOWN, it blocks other players view and they can't start this round as your speech bubble is covering their sponges.

You will see your own countdown above your head…this is how many seconds until you get your bonus.

When you have got to zero, you will see a GREEN + number SP bonus amount. That is your total bonus SP for this hour :)

STAY IN THE BATH. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE UNTIL THE BATH HOST TELLS YOU TO LEAVE. At 45 mins past the hour the bonus is over so everyone can leave, even if the host is away or offline.

This is only the basic guide to CA baths and hopefully enough to get you started :)

Please thank the host for their bath - they don't get paid any more bonus than you do for their efforts and all the hassle.**RECENT CHANGES TO BATH CA'S NOW MEAN THAT HOSTS GET A SMALL BONUS FOR HOSTING** (Nov 08) If you like the SP bonus and their house, then click the green thumb at the top of the page to give them a positive house rating!

Any other questions about bath CA, go to the SUPPORT chat rooms……… HAPPY BATHING :D

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