Sheer Terror

The Teutons are threatening our world with war again. Apparently someone died because he drank water from Lumpiks salinated lake. Again Tonkarius expects us to solve the problem.
Lumpik's lake turned into a salt desert. We are to reverse the lake's conversion.

Shaurik knows what we should do: We shall redirect water from the fountain of youth into the lake. To do that we have to construct a water supply line.
The dead trees that stand everywhere in these parts can be used as pillars but we still need wooden boards. All in all we need 290 boards and best is to have them before you start the quest.

Start with the first fork of a branch northwest of the fountain of youth and work your way towards the lake. It's easy to spot which direction to follow as long as you start with the branch across from Shaurik.
After we built the water supply line Lumpik's lake is filled with bright water again and
all the spa visitors returned. Lumpik rewards us with 5 diamonds.
For the moment peace is kept. We visit Tonkarius to tell him that we were successfull and finish the quest.

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