Soil And Wine

Livius will send you a message saying that he'd like to meet you. But he doesn't reside on the southern market place anymore, because he has moved on to this own house. Take the path leading west from his last position and then south again and you will see him. The letter will give you the directions too.

1. Talk to Livius and accept his bid to bring him 3 bottles of excellent wine.

2. Right after we did that, there will be message from your uncle, who feels close to death all of a sudden. If you just go a bit west from Livius' house you'll find Horatio.

3. While talking to your uncle you'll learn something important: he can tell a good or excellent wine from a bad or lausy one. Aha!

4. Now we have procure the wine for Livius and therefore go back to the place we first met him. A bit east of there a guy called Jolaisus will have appeared. Jolaisus is a wine dealer, but unfortunately his basement is empty at the moment. However he'll make some wine for us, if we go and pick the grapes from his vineyard.

5. Go and pick the grapes and bring them back to Jolaisus. We will turn them into wine, which you now take and bring to your uncle for testing. Just click on a bottle in your inventory and Horatio can tell, if it's an excellent wine or not.

6. As soon as your uncle has recognized 3 bottles as excellent, you can bring them to Livius. He will reward you with a pot of golden honey.

7. Go back to your uncle and show him the soil you picked up in Pilou's house. He can tell you that this is soil from a vineyard, but can not say wich vineyard.

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