Something Is Going On

Our water card shows a red X, just near the place where Senkel is fishing.
Senkel won't lend us his fishing-rod. We need to get one ourselves then. Senkel gives us the hint to try at a trader.

We try it at Stan. As we all know he has quite variety of goods. Unfortunately he has no fishing-rod for us. But hey, Stan has also information for us. A muscular man owns a fishing-rod.
We think of Karamix and Kippfix. We go and talk to them until Kippfix learns that Karamix could forgive him. Kippfix tells us that he will give us his fishing-rod as soon as Karamix forgive him.
Back to Karamix who tells us that he would love to forgive his brother. Unfortunately he always gets cold feet. Best thing that helps against cold feet is warm woollen socks which we could get from Isolde.

Isolde demands a curl of Tombo's hair in return. We get the curl when we give him some resources.

With the socks we go to Karamix. He gives us the chop-o-mat (hackinator). We bring the chop-o-mat to Kippfix who realises that it is a symbol of reconciliation.
Now we get the fishing-rod and we return to the third tavern to try our luck. The fishing place is on the small stream that leads to the inland.
Unfortunately we don't find any piece of the amulet, just fish. Surely Pilou can make a tasty dish with the fish.

When we return from Pilou Senkel is not on his fishing place anymore. He returned to his tavern.
There he tells us that he found a piece of the amulet. Obsessed with his benefits as he is by nature, he refuses to give the piece of the amulet to us before we found the other two missing pieces.

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