Spell Of Protection

Heather Rose is calling for help. She is under siege from the druids pupils.

When we arrive we can't see anybody. Heather Rose barricaded herself in her house.

She is scared and asks us to bring her away from the house. Think hard…

We go to Lorena and ask her how to put a spell of protection on a house. She says that the spell is written on a script roll which should be known to Matricia.

Matricia is sure that the script can be found in the old ruin.

We go to the ruin and say the good old password "MUNDUS VULT DECIPI". The script is one of those that are on the bookshelf.

The right one is script number 7. The script only says "Floor", that surely cannot be the spell!? No, it cannot We search the floor. There are some loose floor tiles. Maybe we should take a closer look. Under one of those floor tiles we finally find the script (NOTE: For every user the scroll is hidden under another floor tile). Take it and off we go… back to Matricia.

The spell of protection consists of the initial letters of the words on the script. GMPTHTBPSRABTFP

Back to Heather Rose and say the spell. Now the house is under protection and Heather Rose feels safe again.

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