Starting The Game

After logging in, you are in the starting area. You see your game character standing in the landscape and a lot of menus and displays (these are explained later and should not interest you at the moment). Furthermore, in the landscape you find an ore mine, a clay-pit, a forest and a grain field, as well as a mill to grind the grain. As soon as you click on a path, your character will run. If you select a raw material field, your Travian harvests the corresponding raw material. At the beginning, you find a homing pigeon symbol at the lower screen edge. This always appears if a message waits in your mailbox. If you click on the symbol, your mailbox with a welcome message will open up. After you read them, you should harvest a raw material.

As soon as you dealt with this, you get a new message. This time it is from your uncle Horatio. You leave the starting area by accepting your uncle's invitation by clicking on the Link at the end of the message.

Shortly after arriving at your uncle’s house, you worm some information and your first assignment out of him per mouse click. Harvest each raw material once. You therefore collect clay, ore, wood and grain and then talk to your uncle again. Of course, he is not only incredibly proud, he also tells you that you must speak with Tombo - the village guard- in order to reach the village located in the southeast.

Before you can even talk to Tombo, he would like, that you look at the signpost more carefully, because you are quite new in the area and first must get yourself acquainted to the area. As soon as that is settled, you go again to Tombo and talk to him. In order to reach the village, you either must have a friend or harvest ten same raw materials. You find friends for example, in the chat if you ask nicely. You yield another player as friend by clicking on his/her name, select menu item "Friendship tree" and by clicking the button “send Friendship inquiry".

As soon as the other player accepts your inquiry, you are friends. If this goes to fast for you, you can harvest also ten same raw materials for Tombo. You already learned how this works. In the village, you get meals and gamble minigames in the tavern. At the carpentry, charcoal burning, bakery, brickworks, mill and ore-foundry, you process your raw materials and trade them at one of the markets in the south. Furthermore, you find arms´ and armor trader, as well as the tools trader, here. In the east, the arena is always inviting you for a fight. As soon as you have admission to the village, your uncle becomes hungry. You can either buy him bread at the market or you can produce even bread, in that you process grain to flour in the mill and then you bake a bread in the bakery. As soon as you show up with bread in the storage, your uncle will start nibbling on it.

Afterwards, he puts your business abilities to a test and demands, that you sell at least one product to the NPC- trader in the south of the village. If this happens, you are a big step ahead. You learned that you not only can collect raw materials, but also process them further and that you can trade with them. Nevertheless, the uncle does not hand the pig out unless you are at least one day old. Finally, he must say goodbye to it. The two have a very moved common past.

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