Superbs Guide To Food Ca

Guide to Food Ca

First you need to know about Food Ca's.

Food CA's are pretty simple. You can find the best 10 from last hour by clicking on the symbol Icon_Restaurant.gif beside the bonus symbol.

Once there, they have sinks so that you may wash (in order to get max SPsp.gif)


  1. The Sinks are always available in Restaurants.
  2. U need to first go to the seats and click on the bread on top of ur characters head.(at :42)
  3. please be seated till ur bread ends..(u will understand that when the bread disappears from over ur characters head).
  4. You will find a ghost bread above ur character's head after u have done the food CA. Pls click on the ghost bread before :45 and u will get a lot of SP.
  5. Pls be seated in the chair until the bonus ends.

Thank you.

and have a NICE Food CA.


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