Team Sg1

Stargate command is a guild for to symbolised peoples love for stargate command 1 its a guild leader by tanis

Elemental - Fire_
Guild Mondo - Gilmourish
Guild Master - tanis
Master - shmee

Guild Info:

As the flag ship STARGATE COMMAND, STARGATE SG1 will do it's best for all in this guild is a sister guild the "STARGATE COMMAND".

We ask of you to donate:
- 10 resources a day. Preferably the resource that is the least in the warehouse. You will only mine that resource you need for your occupation and buy everything else for the donations in the player market!!!
- 10 sp a day.
More donations are always welcome!
If you are in the levels 5-9 you don't have to donate yet. Donations will be asked if you are level 10. You need to help us pay for artifacts that will help you then.

We are not strict and try to keep it fun, but people who are not active, don't have a steady grow or never donate, will be kicked from the guild!

For Joining Please Message our Recruiter - Fire_

Thank you!

We share these beds with you:
In the first room to the left : 1 cat.9
In the first room to the right: 2 cat.9 + 3 cat.8
In the living room: 2 cat.9 + 2 cat.8
In the center garden: 1 cat.9
In the right garden: 1 cat.8 + 4 cat.7

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