The Beggining

Please be aware than when you're overdue on taxes you will not receive any new quests until the taxes are paid.
If you're waiting for a certain quest to start, and it hasn't come yet, please wait until your next OP, before asking about it.



Your life as a Travian begins in a small area in which you can't do very much.

But you will receive a message from the support welcoming you, and telling you to harvest some resources for a start. After you've done that, another carrier pigeon [ or a postman] postbote.gif will bring you a letter from your uncle Horatio. After you read this message thoroughly you can click the line 'Click here to begin your wanderings' and the adventure starts! (Keep this message, please)

Now you stand in a different landscape where you see resource spaces again, but there will also be a house and next to it you see your uncle horatio.gif (there's an exclamation mark over his head) and his pig schwein.gif awaiting you.

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