The Broken Axe

Matricia is calling for help. The beech grew back and is blocking her way.

We chop the beech with our chop-o-mat.

Unfortunately the axe breaks. Karamix shall never hear about that.

Go and tell Matricia that you chopped the beech and ask her whether she can fix the axe for us.

To do so Matricia needs frog spit. … frog? … We remember the guard we transformed into a frog once. So we go to the jail in the guild area.

The guard wants to be turned back into a human in return. Go back to Matricia.

She gives us bumblebee water. Back to our cute frog.

Again we talk to the frog. We got our frog spit by now and the frog is re-transformed into a man.

Back to Matricia. By using the frog spit she is able to fix the chop-o-mat.

Now we can give the axe back to Karamix. He is glad that his axe is so very shiny and gives us 50 silver coins as a reward.

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