The Dream Riddle

The Dream Riddle (Quest 61):
Matricia is calling for us. She dreamt that others dreamt of our piggy. We are to find out who dreamt about it.

Senkel dreamt about piggy. He told it the following: I spend more time on my hobby than Jolasius on his and less time than Pilou on his. I know that painting takes the most time of all our hobbies.

Heather Rose also dreamt of our pig. She told it the following: No, Tombo doesn't build funny gadgets. And I indulge in my hobby as many hours as Tombo and Jolasius do together on theirs.

Tombo told our pig the following in his dream: Pilou doesn't know anything about birds. And i indulge in my hobby one hour more per day than he does. So twice as long as Senkel.

Pilou talked with the pig about the following in his dream: Either Senkel or Heather Rose is growing little plants. I have a hobby , too. After work i indulge in my hobby for three hours.

Jolasius dreamt the following words: I spend the least time on my hobby. It is half as much as Senkel spends on his hobby. I cannot juggle and Pilou doesn't know anything about funny gadgets.

Kippfix, BW, Lorena, Isolde and Karamix did not dream of our beloved piggy.

We are to solve Matricias dream riddle with the help of the hints we got.

Question: Who knows about the bird's flight and how long is he/she doing this hobby daily? Answer: Tombo / 4

Piggy is remembering the past, the fever is sinking and we can take it with us finally… YAY

This is how the dream riddle works:
First we try to find out the time everybody spends on his/her hobby. (H=Heather Rose, T=Tombo, S=Senkel, P=Pilou, J=Jolasius)

H = T + J
T = P + 1 = 2*S
P = 3
J = S/2

From this we get the following times:
Jolasius = 1 hour
Senkel = 2 hours
Pilou = 3 hours
Tombo = 4 hours
Heather Rose = 5 hours

Senkel told us that painting needs the most of the time. So Heather Rose must be the painter. Jolasius told us that either Senkel or Heather Rose are cultivating plants. Since Heather Rose is painting it must be Senkel who is doing that as a hobby.

Joke articles. Neither Tombo nor Pilou know anything about funny gadgets. Heather Rose and Senkel got their hobbies. It must be Jolasius who is the specialist for funny gadgets.

We still have Tombo and Pilou. Since Pilou doesn't know anything about birds that must be Tombo's hobby. That leaves juggling to Pilou.

In a nutshell:
Jolasius = 1 hour = funny gadgets
Senkel = 2 hours = cultivating plants
Pilou = 3 hours = juggling
Tombo = 4 hours = bird's flight
Heather Rose = 5 hours = painting

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