The Druid's Visit

The druid stands in front of our house. He seems to be waiting for us …. What does he want?
The druid does not understand why Lorena does not want to see him. When we tell him that we lost the Water Card he is not very amused and tells us to lure the pupils to him.

Since their biggest strength is their unity we need something to divide them. Matricia suggests arguemushroom but does not know where to find them.
Heather Rose knows the position of the first one. It is a bit to the right of the guilds door.
Jolasius knows where to find the second one. East of the skull shaped rock.
Senkel knows where to find the last one. He still sits near the third tavern and is fishing. The arguemushroom is north of him.

When we got the three arguemushroom we return to Pilou who is preparing a decoction out of them.
We return to the druid and see that he is surrounded by the pupils. They wont let us pass.
Now we offer our help to the druid. Thanks to our decoction, the pupils starting to argue and the druid can escape.
We talk to the pupils and one of them takes our decoction. After that the next quarrel starts and we can enter our house again. Unfortunately every pupil got a piece of the Water card now.

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