The Education Starts Training

Matriciamatricialstand.gif wants us to bring BW to her. That shouldn't be too hard….
As soon as BWedelweisskind.gif arrived at Matricia he has to accept a vow of silence. Matricia asks us to bring her some special papers: Einstein's theory of relativityinventoryscroll1.gif, Freud's dream interpretationinventoryscroll2.gif and Kant's Critique of Pure Reasoninventoryscroll3.gif.

The papers seem to be in the forbidden area. To get them we have to become more dexterous…. so need points to add later on agility.

Now we are ready for the forbidden area. In front of the divine forge we meet the druid. He is babbling to himself. We can go further after adding the agility points, to the north through the boggy area.
We reach a high temple in which the papers are. After taking them we leave the forbidden area and bring them to Matricia.

With the help of the papers BW can finish his education and warns us against 7 plagues that are to come. At the end the druid is said to reach his full power.

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