The Fifth Plague / Sheep Trouble

The next plague hits Isolde. Her sheep are literally gone with the wind and now they are untraceable.
We have to search for 7 sheep that are spread somewhere over the map.
BW gives us a hint. We need several different herbs to collect the sheep.

The first sheep hides north of the arena (where sometimes one of the random npc fighters stands). To collect it we need 2 Dragonfern and 1 Stagfoot.
Another sheep can be found north of the swamp right next to the German camp. This time we need 3 fine herbs.

Next sheep: its located at the second charcoal burning place (west of the robbers hut). We need 2 Stagfoot and 1 fine herb.

To collect the sheep on the field north of Livius' house (where we found the underground river) we need 2 Dragonfern and 1 fine herb.

The fifth sheep is in Gaul at the sea promenade. We collect it with 1 Dragonfern, 1 Stagfood and 1 fine herb.

The next sheep is a hard nut. In Gaul we go to the south until we reach the Gaulish camp. Then we turn to the right into the forest. At the palisade we head to the north and find a …. guess what! …. a sheep!. We need 3 Stagfood.

The last sheep is south of the Gaulish Camp near the place where we met Tonk. (Its the place where many violets are blooming). To collect this sheep we need 3 Dragonfern.
Together with those seven lovely sheep we return to Isolde to give them back. Naturally she is delighted.

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