The Fourth Plague / Endless Sleep

Tombo has a problem. His message is incomplete…. it seems as if he has fallen asleep….
Our speculation was right. When we arrive Tombo is sleeping deeply. We can wake him but without a coffee he falls asleep immediately. We need to get some coffee.
There is no coffee in the taverns. Obviously the last delivery did not arrive.
BW's hints are puzzling as usual. We have to brew the coffee ourselves and "the man who is ahead of his time" has 3 keys to it.

Probably "the man who is ahead of his time" means Stan…. After all he needs to get the stuff for his Special Event Days from somewhere….
When we ask him about the keys Stan confesses that he owns them indeed. Unfortunately the coffee storehouse is in the forbidden area. Stan cannot go there…. but hey… we CAN!! (are we cool?! )

Stan tells us where he hides the keys. Naturally he forgot the exact place (*sigh* would have been too good). He remembers that he placed each key in a different tent camp…. and how could it be different?! He doesn't know which tent camps are the right ones ….
We find the keys in the following camps: 1. The tent at the parting of the ways west of Pilou's house (its the one where Lorena is now living) 2. The tent where BW is levitating. 3. The tent near the bridge west of the robbers hut.

Now we go to the forbidden area. Stan couldn't tell us where to find the storehouse but we are smart, aren't we? We will find it ourselves.
When we follow the path in the forbidden area to the north we find a tower. The path to it was blocked before.

The tower is locked with 3 magical padlocks. We use our keys and … (you know what comes next?! ) YES, we can enter the tower. Now that we are in the tower we grab the coffee sacks.
We return to Stan who will take care of the distribution to the other taverns. Cause we did such a great job we are rewardedwith 10 diamonds.
And do you know what is the happy end of that quest? Shall I tell you? Shall I? erm…. Finally Tombo is wide awake again

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