The Future Leaders Guild Tflg

Total No. Of members in the guild 20.

Founder: starville

Co-Founder: Superbs

The Guild calls upon all the fellow mates, this guild has been created because there are many newcomers and players who are stuck in the game and urgently need to join some guild, the main motive behind the creation of this guild is to help newcomers succeed in the game, we know how it feels when u need a guild urgently and no one is ready to give one to you, as the creator of the guild herself has faced this kind of situation…………so if you want to you can join this guild..and be a part of it to help the newcomers.

Treat every Travian and their house with Respect, if you go to any Food ca or bath ca, please Follow their rules. Read their Profile!! Behave well, Use their in home chat, have good manners and enjoy the benefits, which is "Many SP's"!! :). Remember as a member of The Future Leaders Guild, every where you go, Be Proud, Be the One!! Thank you, with outermost Respect, The Future Leaders Guild. Welcome to our Guild!! :)

President of TFLG

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