The Happy Golem

We receive 4 messages at once from our ex-pig, Karamix, Senkel and Jolasius. 3 messages are not really important but our beloved ex-piggy writes that matricia will give us some new tasks. Furthermore not-anymore-piggy informs us that Cocuraffle has new members.

Matricia is to craft a golem for us. To do this she needs 77 units of clay.
As soon as we get the golem we need to get the hand prints of every member of Cocuraffle on the golems body. There is just one problem: The members must be happy!
Matricia is happy and immediately gives her hand print to us. Unfortunately it is not that easy to get the other member's hand prints.

We visit Eulalie and the Druid in the tavern on the Roman beach. Luckily we don't have to stink this time. When we touch Eulalie and the druid we become energized.
Charged up like this we go to Stan. He has some toy monkeys he got from the windows of time, but, they are not working. Just a little touch from us and those monkeys get the power they need. Stan is happy and gives us his hand print. Additionally he gives us one of the toy monkeys.

BW could do with that monkey. He can hardly control the pupils anymore, but with the new toy calm is restored. Now we get BW's hand print and a dummy (NO, not a crash test dummy!!!)

With the dummy in our back pack (still not a crash test dummy! ) we go to Isolde. We get her hand print and a comb.

Now we go to Senkel. He is not interested in the comb but gives us his hand print anyway since he already is happy.

Off we go to Heather Rose. She has an uncorrected manuscript and searches for somebody who can correct it. Therefore we have to charge ourselves with energy again at Eulalie.

Recharged we go to Shaurik who stands in front of our house. We give him an electric shock. Now he is willed to read Heather Rose's manuscript. And of course we also get his hand print.

With the corrected manuscript we return to Heather Rose who also places her hand print on our sweet golem. Additionally she gives us her old recipe collection.
Pilou is pleased when we give the recipes to him. We get his hand print and some old grape seeds.

At the moment we don't know what to do with those seeds. So we head back to Eulalie to recharge ourselves again. Now we go to the hole where Lorena's house used to be and grab some soil. Due to our inner electricity it turns into fiery soil.

And again we go to Eulalie to recharge ourselves. After that we go to Tonkarius's palace. In the very right part of the throne room (maybe you have to minimize the chat windows) we see a lice-ridden bear. An electric shock kills all the lice and we can comb them out easily. Now we get Lorena's hand print and an invitation card.

We give the invitation card to Livius who gives us his hand print and two XXL-bottles of olive oil in return.

We give one of the bottles to Lumpik. He gives us his hand print and a barrel of water.
Finally we have enough items to return to Jolasius. He needs the grape seeds, the fiery soil and the water to replant his vineyard. Jolasius is happy and gives us his hand print. Additionally he gives us the written confirmation to call the new wine "Lorena".
Karamix gets the second bottle of olive oil (he is in Kippfix's house). He gives us his hand print and an address book in return.

Tombo is pleased about the address book. This time Tombo is to be found at the ruin near the southern grain field where he is writing a report for Tonkarius. We get Tombo's hand print and the report for Tonkarius.

We bring the report from Tombo and the confirmation from Jolasius to Tonkarius. His hand print finally completes our golem. And then you have to wait for the next quest.

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