The Light In The Window

Lorena changed her mind and wants to see the druid but does not know where to find him. Therefore we are to bring him a message.

First we talk to Lorena. She gives us a love's vow that we shall hand over to the druid. Additionally she gives us a land map on which some romantic places are highlighted. On that places we are to say (or scream if you like to) her name backward. … (for those who are too lazy to think about that: ANEROL)

The first romantic place is west of Lorena at the southern grain field. Click at the hut that is right next to the field and say the name backward. The druid's message is : Only those who are dead or well-versed in magic can reach my place.

The second romantic place is north of the first one. It is the meadow to the right of the second mill. The druid's message is: I don't have any magical power anymore.
The third romantic place is south of the second place. It is the jetty in front of Livius's house. The druid's message is: I renounced the mortal.

As soon as we visited all of the three places the map crumbles.
To be able to bring Lorena's message to the druid we need to be dead or able to perform magic.
Matricia is either not able or not willed to help us so the only one who might be able to do so is Horatio. We go back to Jolasius who gives us a new bottle of "Frolique".
After we placed the bottle in Horatio's grave he agrees to hand over Lorena's message to the druid.

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