The List

We receive a letter from Lorena. She is unable to leave her house and asks us to procure some things.

1. We need: something against migraine, 1 bread, 1 bottle of spring water and some cottage cheese. All this of the highest quality.

2. Our shopping tour starts at Tombo. Ask several times until he gives you some exquisite cottage cheese. First thing is done.

3. The spring water you receive from Senkel. Talk with him about Lorena.

4. Migraine remedy is Matricias part.

5. Bake 1 bread in the village as Karamix tells you.

6. Our shopping list is done, let's go to Lorena's house.

7. She is waiting inside. Talk to her and give her all the stuff you provided. Speak about everything. She knows some interesting details about the Druid and this little meanie.

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