The Meteor / The Second Plague

The Meteor/The Second Plague (Quest 64):
Lorena calls for help but her message doesn't give too much information. We have to take a look for ourselves.

Oooooops. Lorena's house is a heap of ruins. A huge meteorite fell straight onto her roof. Now she is helpless and doesn't know what to do.

Surely BW has a hint for us. He tells us to bring Lorena to the olive oil man.
Lorena knows who that man is (The more smarter of us do know that too, of course … ): Livius (what a surprise ). Lorena asks us to help her to get into his house.

Naturally the house is locked but lucky as we are we know that Jolasius has some lock picks for us. We try every lock pick till the door opens.
Livius is at home and not too pleased that we broke in his house. To cap it all he doesn't want to take Lorena as a guest.

When we think really hard we remember that there is another person with an empty house. Pilou! He is a good man and dedicates his house to Lorena. Now she has a home again.

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