The Mysterious Roman Girl

Senkel and Pilou are finally back.
A mail from Senkel arrives, he and Pilou now manage the tavern together, even without the pieces of the amulet. We get an invitation to visit them, which we naturally do immediately.

1. Off to the tavern, and really, Senkel and Pilou are free again.

2. Talk to them about everything and you will learn something about a house and a Roman girl called Lorena.

3. Lorena knows something about the drinking game, so we should go and talk to her immediately.

4. To find Lorena's house, go to the robbers' cave, where you rescued Karamix children. Close by you will find a hardly visible track, going down between the trees. Follow the path and you will find Lorena's house.

5. Try to talk to Lorena. She will not respond because she considers you as a pig shepherd.

6 . Discuss with Jolaisus, he knows interesting things about Lorena.
You need a silver outfit to talk to her. Jolaisus therefore sends you to Karamix.
Now the run begins: go to the ferryman, Matricia, Senkel, Tonk, and at last back to Pilou (in the tavern). Speak to them all, and you will finally get a silver cape.

7. Now you've received the silver cape, so go back to Lorena.

8. At last Lorena is ready to talk with us… after she has sent an invitation. Waiting again!

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