The Newborn Baby

Heather Rose gave birth to a boy.

Heather Rose's house is surrounded by the druid's pupils. You can challenge them but they are way too strong for us.
Enter the house. The pupils wont hinder us.

Heather Rose wants that we bring her son away (unnoticed) since she fears the spell of protection could turn against him too.
Matricia agrees to hide and to take care of Brightwhite (that's the name of the baby). To smuggle him out of the house she needs 5 wood, a jug of milk and a truffle.

Chop some wood or get it on the market.

Senkel has some milk for you.

To get the truffle go and talk to Jolasius. Then go north-west to the grain field. Our pig smells the truffle. The truffle is west of the path near the field that leads from north to south, between 3 trees.

Back to Matricia. She makes truffle milk. When you want to go back to Heather Rose she demands that our beloved pig stays with her. (just ask her to take care of it). As soon as Matricia got the pig we get the truffle milk.

Back to Heather Rose. Give the truffle milk to Brightwhite. He transforms into a pig and in this form he can pass the druid's pupils unnoticed.

Leave the house and talk to Brightwhite when you leave. The druid's pupils check you and take the water card.

Go and talk to Matricia. She will take care of Brightwhite. Now we can get our oh so lovely travel pig back.

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