The Olive Oil Merchant

Livius has been robbed too and it was this strange pipsqueak again!
Usally we'd just want to say a quick "Get well soon!", but it's quite obvious that he has a task for us.

1. So talk to Livius first.


2. He will ask you to sell 20 carafes of his olive oil for him.

3. You have to talk to the other NPCs (Karamix, Tombo, Matricia,…) and persuade them to buy some of the olive oil. It's a sheer matter of luck, if they will or will not agree to buy some. So just keep asking until you've sold the last carafe.

4. As soon as you managed to sell them all, go back to Livius and give him the money (2 gold) you made from the sales of the olive oil. He will give you a 10% provision, which makes 20 silver for you.

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