The Prophecy

We wonder how little Brightwhite is doing. Maybe we should go and check …

We see that Brightwhite has turned all black! Matricia remembers a prophecy that says we can convert him as soon as we know the travel pig's name.

Horatio would know the name… if he just was still alive *sigh* …. We should start our search at Jolasius.

Jolasius believes that we can summon Horatio's ghost with his favorite wine "Frolique". Our ancestor is said to own a bottle of that wine.

The lovely ancestor agrees to give us the bottle but he demands 1500 SP in return for a bath tub. When we give him the SPs we get the wine.

We enter Horatio's grave and click on the bottle in our inventory. The ghost materializes and tells us that piggy has no name. Matricia can surely help, can't she?

Off we go to Matricia. We chose a new name for piggy-baby. We inform Matricia about the new name of our pig. Now the two pigs (travel pig and Brightwhite) need to introduce themselves to each other. Therefore click on Brightwhite.
Brightwhite turns back into a baby.

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