The Ritual

We get a message from Matricia. BW is to participate in a ritual.
The event is to happen at the sea promenade in Gaul. The promenade is the most northern path in Gaul, just after the temporary bridge.

There we are not alone. The wolverines are awaiting us one by one and we have to beat them.
Every glutton is stronger than the previous one. When we talk to a wolverine he eats all the junk food and all the mushroom dishes we carry in our inventory. Since the wolverines are always very hungry they also eat all the bread we have in our warehouse. We should ask Pilou for poisonous mushroom dishes to weaken the wolverines. Maybe we need more than just one poisonous mushroom dish. NOTE: Only those dishes we have in our inventory count. So if one dish is not enough we need to get two dishes for the next try)

As soon as we beat all the wolverines we go to Kippfix to get BW. Together with BW we follow the promenade path up to the jetty.
There we utter the right spell "Strong and pure all the time".
BW gets clean and becomes the white pupil. We bring him back to Kippfix.

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