The Rule Of Seeming Dead

It looks as if Matricia found a way to enter the forbidden area. We need to bring her two animated items.

The robber's hats are animated. Where are they? Surely Tombo knows it.
Tombo tells us that the hats had been lowered deep into the swamp.
We go to the swamp. Fortunately some spots are marked with "search hats". That will help us to find them ….. hopefully

When we find the hats we return to Matricia. She puts a spell on the hats so we can pass through the portal. (the hats turn pink after matricia put the spell on them )
We go to the cellar of the ruin, press 2-7-6 and use portal 4 to go to the castle's ruin. Then we press the panel of the exterior and panels 3-9-1 at the inside to activate the big portal.
And yeah… we can pass and reach the forbidden area. Unfortunately the power of the portal is not fully reloaded yet, so our stay does not last long.

We go back to the exterior, press the panel, return to the inside, press 3-9-1 and use portal 4 to get back to our cellar.
All we can do now is to wait till the portal is reloaded fully.

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