The Seventh Plague

We get 3 messages at once. wow, are we so popular? The letters are from Heather Rose, Jolasius and Karamix. Jolasius and Karamix say good bye since the two of them start journeys. Heather Rose is asking for help.

When we arrive at Heather Rose we hardly recognise her. Her hair is rampant. She can hardly speak appropriately anymore.
BW tells us to meet Isolde.

Isolde offers us to cut Heather Rose's hair. In return she wants Senkel to shepherd her …. *drummroll* … yes! her sheep.

Senkel agrees to do so willingly but he needs a stand-in at his tavern. Heather Rose can't do it and he distinctly debars Stan from doing it…. Let's go and search for a suitable stand-in
Jolasius and Karamix are away. Matricia doesn't feel like doing the job, neither does Tombo (He is located in front of the jail now). Fortunately Pilou will do it but he demands 10 fish in return.
As soon as we get the fish we return to Pilou. He just wants to cook the fish while we inform Senkel that Pilou is the new stand-in. Senkel sends us to tell Isolde that he will come to take care of her sheep

We talk a bit to Isolde and then we go back to Heather Rose. When we arrive Isolde already cut her hair and she looks normal again.
All of a sudden the pupils appear and announce that the spell of protection won't stop them anymore. Furthermore they allied with their father again and have pignapped our beloved piggy ….again!… *snif* oh nooooooooo.

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