The Sixth Plague

We get a message from Lorena. Pilou has moved back into his old house and lies in bed mortally ill.
Pilou looks really bad. Obviously he ate a poisonous mushroom.

Let's see BW. We need somebody who can brew a potion out of 13 poisonous mushrooms, children's tears and a hair of the beard of somebody in love.
Of course Matricia will take over the brewing of the potion. Unfortunately she has no jar of children's tear. We should get one.

But first we deal with the mushrooms. Fortunately poisonous mushrooms are easy to find. You can collect them at the spot were BW meditates.
Now we need to get the children's tears and a suitable jar. Karamix allows us to take tears of his children. Additionally he tells us how to make them cry: peeling onions.

We find an onion right of Jolasius's vineyard. After talking about it (with Jolasius) we can pick it.
The problem with the jar can be solved by Lorena. She gives us two empty perfume bottles.
Now we return to Karamix who allows us to make his children cry. After talking to both of them we are in possession of children's tears.

We still need the hair of the beard. We cannot use Senkel's hairs but luckily Isolde is suffering from unexpected growth of a beard. Quickly we take one hair and return to Matricia.
She is brewing the antidote. We take it to Pilou but he refuses to drink it.
Lorena could tell us how to make him drink the antidote but she wants one of the robbers hats in return. Obviously we have no choice. Finally we make Pilou drink the antidote. He immediately returns to his cookshop.

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