The Third Plague / Speaking Trouble

This time the Plague is hard on Senkel. The message we get from him is not really understandable. All the words are written backwards. What is going on?

Senkel wants us to ask BW for advice. BW thinks that a jumbled lettuce could help. He mentions the meteorite and Jolasius' burnt vineyard.

We go to the meteorite. …. Best we take a bit of it. You never know when it turns out to be useful.
Now we go to the vineyard. We crumble the bit of the meteorite onto the ash ground. Suddenly a head of a lettuce grows in the top left. We take it and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it is a jumbled lettuce. Back to Senkel.
He can talk normally again. We get 10 junk food as a reward.

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