The Underground River

Senkel is writing. He asks whether there is still nothing going on with the water card.
And really. A new cross showed up on the card … strange…. there is no water
In front of our house the druid lies in wait for us. When we talk to him he puts a spell on us. Some of our status bars turn all red.

We go to Karamix. He tells us that Kippfix has got a dowsing rod. Unfortunately Kippfix refuses to give the dowsing rod to us unless we grow stronger.
When we don't have any skill point left that we could distribute on strength, we need to level up or buy a dowsing rod on Thursday from Stan.

As soon as we get a dowsing rod we go to the fenced area between the grain field and Livius's house.
There we search for water until we find an underground stream.
Finally we hold the amulet of smartness in our hands … yaaaay we are heroes

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