The Unholy Empire (UHE)

Welcome to The Unholy Empire
Since January 6th, 2009 this guild has been formed.
Since then we have accomplished to get the biggest house there is, Juno, give all our members a categorie 9 bed, gave out more then 7 great artifacts and still more to come.
But most of all this is a social guild and we love to party and have fun!

For more information and screenshots of the guild check this site:

What makes anyone unholy enough to join this guild?
Well we don't tolerate abusive behavior or rude comments, so that is totally out of the question. But people who love to have fun and joke around, are a little crazy or just still a child in their hearts. Naughty people with flair and people with a dirty and open mind ;).
Everyone is welcome as long as you are willing to follow the rules, have fun, be social and help your fellow members!!!

Send a message to NOMEONEY if you want to join our Unholy Family.
Recruitment ON OFF {LIMITED}

Guild Rules, Requirements and Donations (exceptions can be discussed)
- Level 15 or higher.
- Being social and fun.
- Enthusiasm to help the guild forward.
- You are a bit unholy in your heart.

- Join in on all Food Ca's.
- Activity on the forum and in the Members Only chat.
- No abuse to other members.
- Having lot's of fun.
- Help other members where you possibly can.
- Keep track of your donations and make sure to do them when required.

- A one time donation of 100 resources on the day that you join.

After paying that the donations will be:
- 100 social points every day
- 50 resources every day

The donations will be adjusted if necessary by the guild leaders.

Refresh (F5)
Tang (DEW)
Killer Bees (Bees)
Illuminating Light (I~L)
The Mighty Boosh (TMB)
Do i know you? (diku {S})
Ever Lasting Light (E~L~L)
Kool Aid Contingincy (Kool Aid)
Brotherhood of the Cross (Cross)
The Woodpeckers Sanctuary (TWS1)

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