The Windows Of Time

Tonkarius sends a message. He needs a centrifuge to re-transform somebody called Moritz. He doesn't know where to find it. Maybe Stan can help?

Unfortunately Stan doesn't know what a centrifuge is. He sends us to Lorena.
We find Lorena in her house. She agrees to meet us at the temple in the forbidden area to explain the function of time windows to us.

To be able to use the time windows we have to find an egg first. Then this egg can be exchanged for other things again and again.

The egg can be found right of the portal in the east of the forbidden area.
We grab it and back we go to the temple and enter it.

The big exchange starts: Choose a time window, double click on the item you want to swap and hit the OK button.

Start with the egg. Click on the first time window and the egg will exchanged for an hen. Enchange the hen at the second time window for a feather. The feather you take to the third window and get a pen. Keep going in circles like that untill the 2nd window gives you a slingshot. Take the slingshot to the thirth window and then you have your centrifuge.
With the centrifuge in our back pack we return to Tonkarius. He has to find out how it works.

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