The Woodpeckers Sanctuary

In the early days of Travians the woodpecker was a common sight. Bar breasted Piculets, Great Slaty ones, Ivory-billed, Imperial ones, almost all woodpeckers were easily to spotted. But now with the arrival of over 1000 woodcutters things have begun to change. Already the Ivory-billed and the Imperial woodpeckers are assumed to have become extinct. Did you know that the Imperial Woodpecker is the largest extant woodpecker! Yeah it’s a shame we can't enjoy his presence anymore. Those woodpeckers were a beautiful sight!

The members of the TWS1 or fully known as the Woodpecker’s Sanctuary are here to make a stand against the brutal extermination of woodpeckers by the hordes of inexperienced man that call themselves woodcutters! We of course don’t mind to see an experienced woodcutter doing their job. But we demand the removal of all woodcutters below level 5 or those that don’t use an axe for cutting trees.

We furthermore demand a big sanctuary for all woodpeckers. Each guild should be obligatory to pay a weekly contribution of 1 silver piece. This in order to pay the expenses of the new sanctuary and to pay for future expansion and/or the building of new sanctuaries!

Please join our cause. If interested in doing voluntary work to keep the woodpeckers save from extinction you can send an application to: Mothereath & Grox; administrator. We always welcome volunteers who want to join our guild.

Also visit our new wing TWS1(BT)! And please note, if we are full you can always join our wing.

Save the woodpecker and donate!
We currently have the following merchandise for sale:

Button "Save the Woodpecker": 100 social points*
T-shirt "I hate Woodcutters": 200 social points*
Stuffed Woodpecker: 500 social points*
(* All profit made on merchandise will be used to improve the habitat of the woodpecker)

Examples of our merchandise can be found here:


  • TWS1 currently has 29 active volunteers
  • An extensive web-based educational environment for novice volunteers.
  • Though our volunteers need to pay a small daily donation they do have the best beds (cat 9.). as we can only demand donations if we give the best in return.


  • Warehouse lvl 12
  • Library lvl 2
  • Headquarters lvl 1
  • Guildhouse: Jupiter
  • 20 beds (cat 9.) (Thank you Snowwolf93/Verdana for helping us!)
  • 14 beds (cat. 7.) (Thank you Snowwolf93/Impish for helping us!)
  • Roman Baths (5.) (Thank you Jyla_Star!)
  • Next upgrade: Furniture

Donations and stuff
The minimal WEEKLY resource donations is as follows:
lvl 0-9: 35 resources unless you haven't got a tool. If you haven't got a tool save the resources as buy a tool as soon as possible!
lvl 10-14: 210 resources
lvl 15 and upwards: 300 resources

The minimal WEEKLY social point donation is as follows:
lvl 0-9: as much as you want
lvl 10 and upwards 2500 sp

(Play pay your contribution somewhere in the weekend)

Currently we have at least 2 space free for new guild recruits. Although, you can always send an application, we will see what we can do for you!

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