Tombo's Secret

Tombo calls for us. Hurry!!!!!!!
Tombo can't sleep cause because he drank too much coffee from Stan. We are to bring him a sheepskin from Isolde, since he always falls asleep when he sees a sheep.
We can find Isolde when we follow the path near the swamp to the south…. the way when we want to go to the robbers hut. There is a sheep farm and guess who's the shepherdess. *drumroll* yaaay it's Isolde.

Isolde will give us a sheepskin only when we matchmake her with Senkel. Off we go to Senkel. He is still fishing at the tavern near the swamp.
Unfortunately he is not interested in Isolde and refuses to meet her. We can persuade him when we give him 30 overpriced junk food (no there is not an extra 0! :P)
On 'happy hour' days, you may have bought a property on the moon from Stan. You can persuade Senkel with this document too.

Now we get an invitation from Senkel which we rush to Isolde.
They want to date at Senkel's tavern. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurry, we don't want to miss such an extraordinary event … Unfortunately we see that Senkel and Isolde do not really match.
Isolde returns to her home. We talk to her to get the sheepskin.
We bring that sheepskin to Tombo and now, finally he can have a little nap. As a reward we are given 50 silver.

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