Tonk's True Nature

We should visit Matricia and try to get some more information about our cute pig.
Matricia tells us how she got to know the travel pig. It seems as if it was found at the shores of the Sea Witch. Unfortunately she doesn't know where that is.
Nobody wants to tell us anything about the shores. South of the market in Gaul we meet an old friend: Tonk!

He will tell us something about the shores as soon as we bring him an eternal violet, elegant clothes and a laurel wreath.
Pilou gives a hint where to find an eternal violet: in a dead person's eyes. And yay, we really find it at the skull shaped rock near the robbers hut.
Isolde helps us with the elegant clothes. She gives us a costume.
Karamix gives us the laurel wreath.
We rush back to Tonk to give him everything.

Thanks to the violet he will never ever turn into a wild bloke. The clothes and the wreath transform him back into Tonkarius the Magnificent.
Now he tells us something about the shores of the Sea Witch: It is a small island near the Roman camp at which shores lies a ship's wreck that is called "Sea Witch". Additionally the island is said to be an outpost of the forbidden area.
We discover the island really fast since the castle's ruin that stands on it can hardly be missed. An invisible barrier stops us from entering the island.
We tell Matricia what we found out but she does not know how we could enter the island.

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