Tournament Square

The tournament Sq is south bit of the guild area between the library and academy.If you click on it,you land in the tournament overview.You reach this overview also through the menu on the bottom left located over the guild symbol "Tournament indicator".

You have to choice between fight and minigames tournament,which are written out for your current level and which are still open for registration.

You find the awarded victory prize of your guild in the last column.If enough participants have signed up,the tournament begins.Now you have 48 hours to challange players from your group for the fight or the suitable minigame to collect points as follows:

Each victory 5 points,each defeat 1 point.

Only 5 members of the same guild can participate in the tournament. A tournament starts at the earliest when 16 players have enrolled. If this is not the case at the actual starting time, the date will be moved forward 24h.

The two players of each group with the most points continue to the next round after 48 hours,until a final is reached.The winner of this final recives the awarded artifact as a victory prize for his/her guild.

Opponents can only be challenged if they are online.If a challenge is rejected or ignored,a renewed challenge is possible 10 minutes later at the earliest.In addition, the challenger recives points:With the 1st and 2nd attempt in each case 2 points,with the 3rd attempt 1 point.If a duel does not take place because the challenged declines constantly, the challenger recives 5 points like in a case of victory.If the other player challenges afterwards and is rejected,the score of the original challenger decreases with every refusal.If a duel takes place even after rejected challenges,only the octume counts for the final point assignment.With a draw the result of the direct duel decides over the position within the group.If no direct duel took place,the lot decides.

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